Photo Tips

Planning your session
Every portrait is different, and there's no doubt that paying attention to the details will improve the results!  Here are some tips from a professional photographer that may help you prepare for and improve the results of your session.
Preparing for your photo session
  1. Rest well
    You'll smile more naturally and enjoy the experience of taking photos more if you are well rested and feeling awake!
  2. Plan your clothing
    My best clothing tip: bring clothing that makes you feel great. More clothing tips are below, but the first thing is to wear something that makes you feel confident.
  3. To Coordinate or Match?
    If there's more than one person in the photo (your family, for example) then compare your clothing before photo day. You don't need matching outfits, but dress at the same level (formal, casual) and ensure one person doesn't clash with the others.
  4. Trendy or Timeless
    Some fashion trends are short-lived, while others have been around for generations. For portraits, generally you should choose attire that will stand the test of time.
  5. Avoid words and pictures
    Words, logos and pictures on your clothing can be very distracting in a portrait. Avoid the band t-shirt or the bold brand names unless you are trying to send a specific message with your photo.
  6. Beauty tips
    Professional models pay attention to every detail, from hairstyle to nails to makeup to even their diet beforehand. What you can learn from this - the details matter! If you're overdue for a shave and a haircut, or your nails are chipped, you'll see it in the photo.
  7. Changing mid-session
    To add variety to a longer photo shoot, plan some changes! Layers of clothing can be added or removed; hair can be pinned up or let down; men could even shave partway through the session for both a rough and a smooth look.
  8. Pinterest
    A great way to plan for your shoot is to look at other images and find samples that illustrate what you like. Make a board on Pinterest or gather samples from other sites and review them with your photographer before photo day.
  9. Begin with the end in mind
    Consider where the photos will be displayed after your session. In some cases your clothing or photo background can be adjusted to suit the location you will display them - whether your living room or your website.
  10. Children
    When young children are involved, it is also valuable to plan for breaks and distractions. Depending on their age, it could help to bring snacks, favourite toys, and other distractions to both get their attention and give them a rest in between photos.