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Enhanced Photo Retouching

On most of our products, photo editing is automatically included.  Click here to view more information about our standard retouching services.

Enhanced Retouching is for when you want something a little extra!  In theory, just about anything is possible in Photoshop, so our enhanced photo editing is for when you really want our artists to work their magic on your portraits!

Here are just a few examples of when you might purchase this upgrade:

  • Changing the background in your photo
  • Clothing adjustments
  • Removing or adding a person
  • Swapping a face from one image to another
  • Slimming facial or body features
  • Adjusting uneven eyes
  • Special Effects
  • "Full Glamour" porcelain-smooth retouching

In other words, Enhanced Retouching can cover a lot of things!  Your special requests will be passed on to our artists along with your photo selection, and they will get in touch with you to discuss any questions and show you a proof of the final work before printing. 

Important Note: this is an upgrade applied to a single image; no prints or download files are included.  You must purchase this upgrade for each image you want enhanced.

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