Maranatha CRC
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Pictorial and Digital Albums
Discover an alternative to the large corporations by choosing a local photography team!  We provide a fresh new take on portrait directories by providing a relaxed experience and high quality results.  Know with confidence that your congregation will be cared for.
At New Light Photography we don't enjoy taking the same old portrait over and over - so you'll see more variety and creative ideas in the poses we offer your families.
Modern technology makes viewing photos easy and quick.  We offer portraits for sale but there is no pressure to purchase and no barriers to participating in the book.
Your church pays nothing for our services. If we take great photos, we hope people will purchase them; but the books are printed at no cost to you, no matter what.
  1. Easy booking
    Portrait sessions can be booked either on site at your church or online through our booking calendar. The method that's best for your congregation is the one we'll use.
  2. One Appointment
    We bring both photo and viewing stations with us so one visit is enough. Your members are able to choose their favourite photo for inclusion in the book.
  3. Happiness Guarantee
    If anyone is not happy with their portraits, they can return to the camera immediately for a second session. This is a no-contest promise: we don't challenge why a new photo is desired and we do our best to get one that you love.
  4. Quick Turnaround
    Some companies we've researched take 6 months or longer to produce the books. Our usual turnaround is much shorter - on average about 2 months - and ordered photos are typically delivered within 2-3 weeks.
  5. Church Benefits
    The church receives bonus copies of the book for office use and for handing out to newcomers. Digital copies of the photos are also made available for your office use, and in some churches we provide prints for a photo wall to be made as well.
  6. Bonus pages
    Your book becomes more than a snapshot of the families in the church when you add extra pages to describe the history, current activities, clubs or other ministries. More bonus pages are included as the book grows larger; additional pages can also be purchased at cost if you want a larger book.